European Executive Summit

Summit Delegates

Our annual Executive Summit provides a unique opportunity for our Members and invited guests to step back from the 'urgent' of their day-to-day roles and provide an environment to focus on the 'important' strategic marketing issues that face our industry.

We invite only senior industry executives to ensure that we have a strong and relevant peer group.  It includes CEOs, Marketing Directors, Strategy Directors, Customer Experience Directors and invited guests from outside the financial services industry.


The Format

We have used the same venue and format over the twelve years we have held this event.  Formerly the Unisys Management Centre, it is a small, purpose-built hotel and conference centre, set in the hills above Nice.  We take the entire centre over for the duration of the event, which means that the only people there are either colleagues and contemporaries or the hotel team.  This enables us to have in-depth conversations anywhere and at any time.  Indeed feedback from previous participants tells us that some of the best discussions take place over a coffee or a glass of wine.

The event is unusual in as much as we do not set the complete agenda before the event.  Our experience of running this event for over a decade is that our participants tend to drive the agenda around the key issues and topics facing them.  However, we do have a small number of keynote speakers, who will stimulate debate and discussion, although much of the event is taken up with workshops, team exercises and debate

Often, we will hold part of the event outside, weather permitting.



It is no exaggeration to say that the rise of digital in general, and mobile in particular, has resulted in a seismic change in how financial services products are marketed.  Whilst consumer motivation and behaviour may not have changed, our understanding of it, through behavioural economics, is leading to a fundamental reappraisal of marketing communications.

So what needs to change?  Our event will focus on the key elements of good, effective financial services marketing.  What's working, what isn't, what needs to change and how?





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