Does the Wind blow from the South?


A storm is brewing in Australia that could blow its way all the way to these shores. A recent Royal Commission recommended an end to lenders paying commission to mortgage lenders.

Could we be seeing the early stages in the UK of the debate that results in the regulator scrapping the traditional ‘proc’ fee remuneration that has underpinned the lender - broker market forever?

What would that mean for big and small lenders alike? Who would be the winners and losers?  How would brokers adapt? Would this play into the hands of the robo advice providers? And what about the customer?

Chair: Bharat Sagar, Executive Chairman, AE3 Media
Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive, AMI
Peter Brodnicki, CEO, Mortgage Advice Bureau
Roland McCormack, Mortgage Distribution Director, TSB Bank
Maria Harris, Director Intermediary Lending, Atom Bank

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