Does Creative Really Matter? An Asset Management Half-Day


Does Creative Really Matter?

Asset management isn’t a sector known for brilliant advertising. But with many investment houses pumping out virtually indistinguishable content, and products increasingly commoditised, could better creative be a real differentiator? How important is good creative in a market where intermediary sales are still so important? Which campaigns and branding have been successful - and what lessons should firms take from them? Are new D2C players like robo-advisers using advertising effectively? Our panel of creative experts discuss the good and bad in advertising and branding.

Lucian Camp, Brand and Marketing Consultant
Ian Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, AML Group
Hannah Springett, Lead Creative Strategist, Ceros
Grant Warnock, Brand and Customer Marketing Director, Nutmeg Savings & Investments


How to Get More From Your Agencies

Content, digital, advertising, PR, and the rest - what’s the best way for asset management firms to work with external agencies? How should you manage your agency roster? Do you need a lead agency? Is current practice on retainers effective? Having agencies that are a good fit with your firm might seem self-evidently sensible, but the right relationship should also leave room for challenging and distinctive creative work. And with investment products often aimed at older consumers, can youthful agency types deliver the right marketing solutions, or should firms be looking for some grey hairs to work with? Our expert panel discusses how to get more from your agencies.

Jet Cooke, Head of Marketing - End Investor, Fidelity International
Vincent Hooplot, COO and Chief Strategist, Fundamental Media
Richard Sherwell, Client Partner, Publicis Sapient

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