Content isn’t just King, it’s the Whole Royal Family

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So much of brand-generated content goes largely unread.  But in the world of Investment Banking, content is generated by the analysts as part of the engine of what they do.  So if content is King, how can this hugely-valuable commodity form a core part of your strategic thinking?  What are the tools and techniques you can employ to ensure effective distribution attracts and retains a clearly defined audience?

In this session we look at the strategic change in direction in marketing that means content distribution is replacing the traditional advertising role of print.  Can brands become their own communication-medium or are publishers re-inventing their offering to ensure they remain a key channel for content distribution in a measurable and cost-efficient way.

Speakers include:

Rupert Hodson, CEO and Co-Founder, Dianomi

Adrian Odds, Director of Content Marketing Strategy, Editions Financial

Rowan Morrison, Managing Director, Editions Financial

Monica Woodley, Editorial Director, EMEA, Content Solutions, The Economist Group


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