Client Acquisition Strategies: Winning Entrepreneurs

Insurance and Customer Lotalty

The strategy of almost every major UK Private Bank and Wealth Management firm is to focus on winning and servicing successful entrepreneurs and their newly-created wealth. A recent study suggests that many wealth advisors are missing an opportunity to align their offering and to appeal more closely to this crucially important market segment.

In this session we answer some of the key issues identified:

  • What do new wealthy entrepreneurs think of the Private Banking sector?
  • What does an entrepreneur look for in a wealth advisor?
  • And what are the implications for the products, services and marketing strategies that most appeal to entrepreneurs?
  • How should banks and wealth firms engage better with entrepreneurs?

In this session we discuss these questions and look at the findings of the study into the relationship between entrepreneurs and the UK wealth management industry. It includes a series of in-depth interviews with HNW and UHNW entrepreneurs across the UK who recently experienced a significant liquidity event.

Henry Weston-Davies, Partner, Gulland Padfield

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