Words Matter – The Language of Diversity & Inclusion for Brand Communications


Racism, diversity, inclusion, white supremacy, inequality, global majority, LGBTQ+….words matter.  

 Addressing issues of diversity and inclusion within your own walls (and in society at large) involves communication within employee and employers, customers and brands. The demand for change and visible progress remains strong. But the language and terminology used in addressing the issue has greatly differed.

There is power in words and language. It has the ability to forge a connection with audiences whilst demonstrating commitment to inclusion; but equally it can expose exclusion, create barriers and reinforce biases.

Whilst our use of language evolves, even with the best intentions, it’s hard to get it right all the time.

So what can business leaders, and marketers do to ensure their language is inclusive by today’s standards?

 In this panel discussion we will cover:

  • Latest thinking on language – words to use and words to avoid
  • Creating continuity between your external communications and internal D&I approach
  • Further considerations for marketers when developing brand communications


Chaired by:

Tony Langham, Co-Founder & Executive Chair, Lansons



  • Claire Oldstein, Group Customer & Marketing Director, Wesleyan
  • Shereen Daniels, Managing Director, HR Rewired and bestselling author of ‘The Anti-Racist Organization: Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace’
  • Devvya Sharma, EMEA Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Invesco

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