Bridging the Empathy Gap: Nudging Customers towards Financial Wellbeing


When trying to market products that don’t provide an instant reward or gratification, how can you persuade your customers to think of the bigger picture and consider the long-term?

Sending marketing messages that influence consumers to engage and connect with their future selves is a difficult task, yet it can be done – advertising campaigns that promote empathy towards the future self and messaging that reframes outcomes in a way that the current-self can relate to have proven to be successful angles of attack for service providers – but why have these worked?

In this seminar, we’ll hear from behavioural scientists and senior marketeers to find out if leveraging behavioural science techniques could help to nudge customers towards better financial wellbeing and decision-making.



  • Jez Groom, Founder & CEO, Cowry Consulting
  • Suzanne Homewood, Managing Director, Decisioning Division, Moneyhub
  • Krishna Aswani, Product Owner, Snoop
  • John Yates, Principal & DC Proposition Leader, Buck
  • Richard Shepherd, Category Director - Financial Services, Social & Economic Research, Mintel


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