Brand vs Business: Responding to Corporate Responsibility



Decarbonisation and the mission to achieve net-zero is on everyone’s business agenda. Balancing the bottom line and the stakeholder economy is the biggest challenge.

The debate around ESG fuels huge passion but often lacks nuance, creating a problem for brands. As companies come under scrutiny over activities that are considered incompatible with the sustainability agenda. How can brands sustain their core functions whilst having a coherent story on ESG agenda without being insincere?

In this session, the Forum joins marketeers and sustainability experts in discussing the role ESG plays in building successful brands in financial services– ensuring profitability and success in the wider goals set out by the business.



Tim Lord, Head of Climate Change, The Phoenix Group

Gordon MacKinnon, Specialist Client Director, Latcham

Ben O'Brien, Managing Director, Jaywing Consulting

Micael Johnstone, Co-Founder, Wading Heroes

Chaired by Alex Sword, Editor, The Financial Services Forum

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