Autumn Members’ Conference 2018


Marketing strategies today, for tomorrow’s World. Our Autumn Members' Conference will consider what marketing strategies are right for your business.

Getting your strategy correct in a digital world is challenging and complex. How do you juggle the long-term development needs of your brand with the short-term, immediate business goals? How do strategies change for businesses of different maturity, size, complexity and markets?

The conference will look at how marketing works in different contexts for big established brands, online businesses, start-ups and B2B. What approaches are businesses taking now? Will they deliver? What disciplines and techniques can be deployed to ensure that whatever stage your business is at in the cycle, your marketing is set up to be both an art and a science.

Speaker include:

Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness, Adam & Eve DDB
Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era

John Hoffmire, Affiliated with programs at Oxford and the University of Wisconsin
How and why, from a perception perspective, financial services brands have failed to deliver the products that society believes that it needs?

Richard Pash, UK Marketing Director, Zurich
Getting it wrong? Or getting it right. What drives long term performance.

John Almond, Communications Strategy Consultant
The power of an “on point” marketing communications brief.

Claire Mason, CEO, Man Bites Dog

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