Auto Enrolment: Maintaining the Momentum


The Pension industry and Government need to build on the early success of Auto Enrolment. How can engagement levels be reached that ensure low dropout rates and greater contribution levels. It’s a fair challenge for the marketing and communications professionals to take on.

The success of auto enrolment has largely been driven by employee inertia. But how do we ensure savers remain on board as contributions increase?

With many employees seeing little increase in their salaries, rising pension contributions are hitting take-home pay. How do we dissuade employees - especially the young - from opting out? What are the best communication strategies, and how can these help boost engagement? Are there lessons to take from behavioural finance?

We debate how to maintain the momentum of auto enrolment - what employers, providers, advisers and others can do to help.


Speakers include:

John Greenwood, Editor, Corporate Adviser, Director, Definite Article Media

Sir Steve Webb, Director of Policy, Royal London

Matt Ward, Communications Director, AKG Financial Analytics (Chair)

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