Augmenting Automation: Marketing Automation for Financial Services Marketers


With more businesses turning to technology for answers, the marketing industry is set to become an overwhelmingly automated sector by 2025 (Deloitte), and those that refuse to adapt risk falling behind the curve.

From setting up automated emails and social media posts to lead scoring and segmentation, marketing automation has fast become an embedded fixture of marketing departments across financial services, hugely improving overall efficacy and consumer communications. However, most marketers do not have an accurate impression of their degree of automation, and in practice spend too much time setting up technical systems instead of finding creative new ways to integrate marketing automation into their company practice. 

In this webinar session, Act-On guides us through the implementation and management of marketing automation and will:

  • Use client experience to guide you through the adoption of automated marketing strategies
  • Give you a framework to use to measure and assess your automation goals
  • Use real-world examples to demonstrate issues that may arise when implementing marketing automation, and how to overcome them



  • Tatiana Lea, Senior Marketing Automation Consultant - EU, Act-On
  • Rosie Carrow, Marketing Manager, Church House Investments



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