Annual Members’ Conference: The Future of Financial Services


Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly integral part of many industries including marketing. Machine learning is driving forward much of the marketing developments in the retail sectors with much of it being adopted in Financial Services.

Using information from diverse datasets is a common use of AI which allows brands to surface and refine recommendations. How is AI being used in search engines, fraud prevention, social media (sentiment analysis leading to product recommendations), ad targeting, speech recognition, customer segmentation, content generation and chatbots? Financial Services has its own particular challenges but AI is being evolving and adopted at a rate that means its imperative marketers understand the opportunities and integrate into their strategic mapping.


Speakers include:

Chair: David Smith, Chief Executive, Global Futures & Foresight

Orlando Machado, Global Analytics and Data Science Director, Partner, Aviva Quantum

Hanne Tuomisto-Inch, Senior Industry Head, Finance, Google

Greg Handrick, Partner, Prophet

Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Futures

Noel Lyons, Director of Experience Design, Barclays UK

Deirdre McGlashan, Global Chief Digital Officer, MediaCom

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