Jennifer Hill

Behavioural Communications Consultant


Basic Member

Member since: 17 Sep 2019


Jenny combines award-winning copywriting with content strategy and planning. She has spent the past six years leading the transformation of LBG’s mandatory & regulatory communications, as well as working with other non-mandatory areas. Her experience includes strategic rationalisation, as well as communication repositioning in order to improve customer experience and drive trust. Working with Lloyds Banking Group she has helped develop a robust set of Communication Principles that are now used by over 200 marketing employees.Jenny’s copywriting is underpinned by a comprehensive knowledge of Behavioural Economics, and through her work with The London School of Economics, she has created an approach that transforms the content and design of mandatory and regulatory communications.Working with teams across the length and breadth of Lloyds Banking Group, Jenny has built up a great level of financial product knowledge, which is invaluable when trying to unpick complex, regulatory material to make it more customer friendly