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Nicoletta Iodice

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We are excited to present the nominees for the Young Marketer of the Year 2018! We would like Forum Members to support the judging process to select the winner.
Below you will find a short summary of achievements from each shortlisted candidate.
Once you have read the summaries and made up your mind, please vote for your winner and runner-up using the survey at the bottom of this page.
Voting ends at 5pm on 7 November.
The winner will be announced at the Annual Members’ Dinner and Awards on Thursday 29 November.
Molly Beake, Senior Marketing Executive, TotallyMoney
Molly joined TotallyMoney in Sept 2016 and has made an incredible impact in her time here. As well as learning the ropes of paid social and native advertising within a matter of weeks she has also passed Google’s ‘Squared Online’ digital marketing course with flying colours.
We’re a data-driven business and she has accelerated Facebook campaign testing. Across both creative and strategic initiatives, she’s delivered a 65% ‘win’ rate. And her introduction of video ad campaigns for Facebook slashed customer acquisition cost by 50% to establish it as one of our top marketing channels.
She has a brilliant understanding of customer-centric marketing. She identified a new ‘Young Credit Starters’ audience and, with targeted messaging, boosted conversion rate by 50% and cut acquisition costs by 17%.
Marketing moves fast and Molly is always looking for new ways to keep us one step ahead. She’s expanded marketing activity into Instagram Influencers, leading at every stage, from compliance and contract approval, through design to implementation and ongoing optimisation.
In just two years, straight from University, Molly has established herself as a talented marketing executive delivering significant value for TotallyMoney.
Katy Bignell, Marketing Communications Manager, The Cambridge Building Society
It’s been a productive time; working with our digital agency, TeamSpirit to deliver two new websites for The Cambridge. Inevitably commercial pressure meant this project involved ambitious timelines and as we progressed complicated developments needed to be factored in. Added to this, half of my team changed during the first few months so my remit of project manager extended. It’s been rewarding as the new sites have been successful and together with a couple of other digital tools there’s been a positive shift in customer experience, with customer satisfaction score increasing by 7%.
Earlier this year I created and delivered a campaign for a new Store launch, the theme focused on our 150 year history by highlighting historic links with the new location. The campaign secured excellent coverage and engagement reinforcing how integral The Cambridge is to the City and community.
With other digital transformation projects implemented I have saved the Society 10’s of thousands through efficiency drivers using more traditional methods of marketing and communication, meaning the customer facing teams spend more time with customers and less time on admin.
During this period I’ve also been studying, I’ve just completed my MSc in Digital Marketing Leadership through The University of Aberdeen as part of their distance learning programme.
Tom Dean, Head of Marketing, WWIIS Services
As Head of Marketing, Tom has been instrumental in the research, planning and development of two vital company projects in the past 12 months: an award-winning travel app and industry-leading loyalty scheme.
He has also been heavily influential in improving targeted communications to our policyholders and he has developed a number of key automation and machine learning strategies to ensure that policyholders have purchased the correct policy for their needs, increasing levels of transparency and driving an increase in sales.
Tom has been driven to excel in the field of marketing and is currently studying for his Masters-level Level 7 CIM Marketing Leadership qualification. He has expanded his knowledge of the insurance market by regularly attending events such as the Defaqto Roundtables and engaging in webinars around both claims and insurance trends.
Tom’s development, attitude and hard work have helped the business to achieve a number of key goals over the past year. These include a significant increase in our Direct Book, an increase in the level of returning customers, a number of improvements in the ways in which we engage with our policy holders under GDPR & PECR and substantial improvements in marketing profitability.
Clarissa Ly, Marketing Communications Executive, The Co-operative Bank
2017 marked the 25th anniversary of The Co-operative Bank’s customer-led Ethical Policy. 4 million customers choose to bank with the Bank because of this ethical approach to banking so it was important to celebrate this milestone; to thank customers for their continued loyalty despite a tumultuous few years; including the need to recapitalise the bank in 2017.
2017 was a challenging time for The Co-operative Bank. With the sale announcement came uncertainty, and perceptions over whether we still remained true to our ethical heritage. In a marketer’s perspective this was a great opportunity to launch a nostalgic, emotive campaign to demonstrate the Bank’s ongoing commitment to delivering values and ethics, reclaiming our position as ‘The Ethical Bank’.
For this ATL campaign, I delivered a series of videos which expressed the reasons why our customer’s bank with us and this resulted in:

  • Net Promotor Score remained steady at +24.
  • Non Customer Consideration increased significantly up 5% to 20% in September 2017.
  • Retained Ethical Banking 1st position
    • Customers: The Co-operative Bank – 55% (Nationwide – 39%)
    • Non Customers: The Co-operative Bank– 31% (Nationwide – 17%)
  • Since the launch we saw an increase in ‘why non-customers joined the Bank’ metrics relating to our ‘V&E’ ( 57%) and ‘Supports local communities’ (47%) – two key themes of the campaign.

Sarah Collumb, Digital Proposition & Social Media Executive, Wesleyan
Sarah joined Wesleyan as a Digital & Social Media Executive in 2017, and has already made a huge impact. Her work across a number of campaigns has helped generate significant leads and sales for the business, and her behaviours are exemplary.
Our annual Teachers’ Retirement Seminar campaign this year saw an additional focus on social media activity. Sarah designed and implemented > 50 updates, including paid geo-location Facebook adverts, reminders for each event and customer testimonials. This resulted in more than 200 additional people signing up to attend the seminars via social media – a key income driver for the Society.
Sarah also created a number of Facebook campaigns based around mortgage and retirement eGuides. By setting these lead generation ad campaigns up to target people by profession and life stage, more than 700 leads have been generated at a cost significantly lower than expected. By working with our sales team, she was able to convert c.25% of these leads into financial reviews, improving on a previous conversion of 14%.
She was instrumental in driving an increase in leads and users via our social media employee advocacy platform. This has resulted in Wesleyan employees sharing content to more than 300,000 people, generating an additional 54 leads at no cost and increasing brand awareness.
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