Why is mail performing for financial services brands?

Sophie Grender

Business Development Director

Royal Mail

Direct mail has always been important in financial services. Its ability to build trust is well recognised – and it also gives brands the space to make a detailed case for their products and services.

During this time of disruption, it has never been as vital for brands to build deeper, more engaging relationships with their customers. With people spending much more time at home now, mail gives you the platform to reach them.

Our latest insights from business decision makers and consumers, and independent research from JICMAIL, paints a compelling picture of physical mail’s role. 99% of financial services mail is engaged with and the average piece of mail spends almost 9 days in the home. Over a third of mailings led to a commercial action of some form by the recipient.*

Royal Mail have produced a free guide, packed full of insight, stats, infographics, useful content, resources and tips on how to deliver effective and measurable direct mail campaigns to drive ROI for your business.

Download the guide now here, and see why mail matters more than ever.

*JICMAIL Q2 2018 – Q2 2020

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