What’s in a Name?

Delivering the Brand Promise

Abby Chinery

Freelance Content Creator


Consumers care about a brand’s name. In fact, 71% of consumers felt more compelled to buy a product or service from a company whose name they recognised.
But could a change in branding and company name scupper your chances of success? New research from OnBuy.com has considered the importance of branding, and consumer loyalty. To do this, a survey of 1,063 consumers was carried out, alongside individual research into customer loyalty.
Some of the highlights include:
• 71% of consumers said it was very or somewhat important that they recognise a brand before they make a purchase
• 82% of investors believe that name recognition is important in guiding them in their investment decisions.
• Only 18% of consumers said they would look upon a brand name change positively.
• Yet 31% of buyers felt that more brands could do with renovating their image
To read the full release, please download the PDF document.

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