Twelve Step Programme to Running Remote Pitches

Alan Thompson


Haystack Group

If the world in lockdown has shown us one thing, it is that it does not stop and some things are easier when working remotely, than when working within an office.
The commute for a start. Meetings tend to start and finish on time, and lengthy emails can be replaced by shorter video calls, to great effect. However, just because some things are easier, they are not necessarily better and certain things need to be re-imagined to get the most out of operating remotely – Pitches are a prime candidate.

Pitches run online can feel like they are a lot easier – no agency visits, meetings are easier to run to time, unnecessary ‘pitch theatre’ is removed so that the agency, and you, have to concentrate on the potency of the idea

In reality, there are several ways that the apparent ease with which the process runs, can trip you up and leave you with a less than ideal selection. In this guide, Haystack outline 12 steps to follow to help you get the best from running a pitch remotely. Download the guide here: 12 Steps to Running a Pitch Remotely – FSF Final

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