The New Mainstream

Andrew Sanders

Commercial Director, Innovation Group and NPD

Time Inc.(UK) Ltd

A study of identity and influence amongst UK 18-34 year olds. Andrew Sanders, Commercial Director of Innovation Group and NPD at Time Inc, share some insight into Millennials.
This research challenges some of the myths and assumptions around the “Millennial” audience in the UK, how they interconnect with each other, their values and what these values mean when producing products for or marketing to them.
The New Mainstream identified six distinct and diverse segments within the overall group. As well as looking at the differing behaviours and attitudes of these segments, Time Inc. are able to place these in the context of research into other key audiences.
What this means in terms of connecting with this audience will be illustrated with examples of how this audience research has informed product development and innovation at Time Inc. UK.
Andrew joined Time Inc. following stints in both business to business and regional press representation. Initially a member of the key accounts and business development team, he has worked throughout the Time Inc. portfolio,
predominantly in creative solutions and digital advertising functions. Andrew has worked with a diverse range of clients (from Unilever to Rough Trade records) and technology suppliers to create effective, innovative communications solutions that have meaningful results. Andrew’s current role is to bring commercial expertise (and money) to Lab projects and the wider Innovation Group (NME, Now and Look), deliver commercial test partners whilst incubating new launches into the wider commercial framework of Time Inc. UK.
You can view the video of the presentation below and download a PDF copy of Andrew’s slides using the Download button in the top right corner.

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