The Future of Asset Management: Presentation Slides

Alex Reidegeld

Senior Events Executive

The Financial Services Forum

What should marketers prioritise to get their brand message across in a crowded market place? Advertising? Content? Or is Sponsorship the way to go?
Our speakers make the case for each of those and give tips on how to get the board on your side.
Speakers included:
Scott Stevens, Head of Business Development, Quilter Cheviot Investment Management
Prof. Amin Rajan, CEO, CREATE-Research
Magnus Spence, Managing Director, Global Distribution Solutions, Broadridge Financial Solutions
John Cooper, Director of Content, Editions Financial
Kirsty Maxey, CEO, Teamspirit
Richard Watts, Global Head of Digital, Kurtosys
Jos Stokhuyzen, Group Head of Brand Strategy, CSM Sport & Entertainment
Vincent Hooplot, Managing Director, Hooplot Associates

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