The Fin Investment Imagery Review 2015

Justin Mould

Managing Director

Fin International

Are you one of the pack or out there and different? After many years of being on the receiving (and giving) end of investment imagery, Fin has taken it upon ourselves to rummage through the pile and draw some statistical evidence as to what colour and imagery trends are occurring in B2B financial services, with a particular emphasis on investment.
From the statistical outcome we added our thoughts on why these may exist.
Our team started with the top 400 global asset managers (based on AUM) and those within the 400 who placed any advertising within the European trade press over the previous 12 months. Recognising that not all managers will or can advertise we also went to the corporate website to note the imagery used. Across the industry we kept our research to investment managers, hedge funds, private equity and private wealth.
To view the results, please download the PDF document via the link above.

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