Rising Rates Environment – One Lenders Perspective

Felix Thomson

Content Executive

The Financial Services Forum

After more than five years of the base rate at 0.5%, interest rates are finally set to rise. How are lenders and the intermediary market preparing for the rising rate environment? What will the impact be on new lending and existing borrowers? Although there will be no change before the General Election in 2015, current thinking seems to be point to rates edging up incrementally soon afterwards, or the first move being delayed until later in the year, leading to sharper rises over a shorter time period. Either way they are going up. After an unprecedented period of sustained artificially low rates, how will a rising rate environment unfold for lenders, brokers and of course the customer?
Peter Hill has kindly agreed to make the presentation slides used at the London Mortgages Forum event available to Forum Members.
To download the slides in PDF format, please click the download button above.

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