Is GDPR Good or Bad for Business?

Paul Winters

Managing Director and Executive Vice President


The resounding conclusion from our recent event on GDPR (16 January 2018), is that the new legislation will ultimately be a good thing for businesses in the financial services sector. A surprising conclusion given the impact it is having on all companies within the industry.
What’s not to like about GDPR? Paul Winters, Managing Director of CACI Ltd shares his slides from the event, explaining his key conclusions for marketers.

  • GDPR is a necessary and largely positive development
  • GDPR aimed for a balance between strengthening the data privacy rights of individuals and protecting the rights of business to process personal data as an engine of economic growth
  • GDPR largely gets the balance right but there are some areas of concern and uncertainty
  • The role of the ICO is critical: will they over-interpret and tip the balance away from business?
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