The Investment Management Digital Marketing Survey 2016

Luke Hinchliffe

Head of Digital Marketing

Kurtosys Systems

In this third survey conducted by Kurtosys since 2012, this year we have not only expanded our audience but broadened our survey to include a wider spectrum of topics across digital marketing.
In 2015 we decided to survey digital marketers at asset management firms to determine how they’re dealing with the changing landscape of technology and transformation. One of the key takeaways was how asset management marketing is shifting from a role of supporting sales and distribution to actively engaging clients and targeting investors.
In 2016 many asset managers have digital roadmaps in place – we wanted to ask their marketing folks more detailed questions on the kind of technologies they are implementing, their content marketing strategies, how they handle fund data and how they distribute it to investors.
Topic covered in the 2016 survey:

  • Marketing Objectives
  • Technology
  • Website Design
  • Hosting & Security
  • Data
  • Distribution Channels
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Plans & Investment

You can download the full Kurtosys report in PDF format using the button in the top right of this page.

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