Fund Marketing: A Millennial’s Perspective

Luke Hinchliffe

Head of Digital Marketing

Kurtosys Systems

For fund managers working in a digital age, advertising is changing drastically. Sarah Mardiney, Digital Engagement Intern at Kurtosys shares her ‘Milennial’ views on infographics, advertising, and robo-advisors within the Asset Management industry.
Wikipedia characterizes the “Millennial” generation as including individuals born between the early 1980s, continuing until the early 2000s. Millennials are a population of young men and women raised alongside the internet, developing and maturing with the technology.
Millennials are digitally-native, narcissistic, and anxiety-ridden. I should know; I am one.
I was born in 1994, and cannot remember a time when there was not a computer in my household.
On September 11th 2001, I was only in the second grade. I remember my mom purchasing her first cell phone. I remember making my first MySpace page (without parental permission) in 2006. I can learn the ins and outs of any social media site in minutes. I’ve been taking selfies for years. I know very little about financial data.
Continue reading Sarah views by downloading the PDF of her report (top right).

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