FSF Insight: Who’s winning in car insurance SEO?

Alex Sword


The Financial Services Forum

In a competitive and price-sensitive market, ranking at the top of a Google query can be worth tens of millions of searches.

This report, in partnership with Receptional, looks at the top performers in SEO for car insurance. It not only ranks the performers but analyses what they are doing right, drawing some general lessons that could apply to any business.

We also speak exclusively to Mark Evans, Marketing Director at Direct Line, about his company’s approach to SEO.

Key information includes:

  • There are 76,000 commonly used car insurance keywords, accounting for 4.5 million searches a month.
  • Comparethemarket.com and Moneysupermarket.com are topping monthly searches for temporary car insurance and young driver insurance respectively
  • ‘Temporary car insurance’ is the top themed search

You can read the report here.

I spoke to Justin Deaville, Managing Director at Receptional, about the research and some of its key findings.

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