Fingers Crossed That Your Message Is Getting Through

Felix Thomson

Content Executive

The Financial Services Forum

Effective communication between management and employees is essential if plans are to be properly implemented. But measuring whether or not communication is successful is more difficult. Andy Moran believes there is an answer.
When you ask for feedback how many of your managers and staff have got their fingers crossed – behind their backs? How often do you get reports that tell you planning is not cascaded down, the company vision is misunderstood or there is no interdepartmental communication?
You don’t – it’s only human nature to tell your boss that everything is fine. Most businesses rely on financial reporting as a gauge of the temperature within the organisation – and on Chinese whispers to communicate.
How much do you trust the reporting processes in your organisation to ensure that your vision and planning is communicated from the boardroom to the shop floor?
How do you measure the success of your communication and that it is understood and acted upon?
These problems are not unique to any particular industry or business. The larger an organisation the more likely it is that messages get diluted as they are cascaded down. The maths are not tricky. But it’s what people do that matters, and if you can measure what they do, you can change or improve it.
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