Are we Experts in Customer Identity?

Mick Hegarty

Managing Director, Customer Insight & Innovation


New customer identity technologies are coming. Customer experience expectations are rising. The regulatory climate is changing. In this time of seismic change online, are UK financial services
keeping up or losing ground?
To answer this and other related questions, identity data intelligence specialist GBG commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey over 300 financial services organisations in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and China. The study is entitled Leaders in Financial Services are Experts in Customer Identity.
The firms surveyed split 50/50 between traditional firms (established before the digital era) and ‘born digital’ fintechs.
The Forrester study reveals that UK firms of both types understand the importance of the online customer experience. And they know that the customer onboarding experience, including the essential verification process, is particularly crucial; it sets the tone for the longer relationship.
UK firms’ awareness of how much the customer experience matters is proven by the fact that 30% have a UX creative/ digital team and 35% have a dedicated customer experience team, compared with 7% and 29% for the rest of the world.
UK fintechs are even keener. 14% more have a dedicated customer experience team compared with traditional UK firms.
To view more of the findings, please download the PDF document.
You can find additional reports from GBG at

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