Driving Exponential Growth in Financial Services

Rohit Talwar


Fast Future

Whilst there’s a lot of breathless excitement about the current wave of Fintech ventures, they are unlikely to drive truly exponential growth. However, the underlying disruptive technologies such as Al, Blockchain and social media do offer the potential to facilitate genuinely exponential thinking on improvements in efficiency, customer acquisition rates, new products and revenue growth.
Rohit is a global futurist who helps audiences make sense of, and respond to, a constantly changing reality and a hyper connected world. He helps clients understand how to respond to the forces and ideas shaping the future, deliver transformational change and create imaginative new strategies and possibilities. His clients include 3M, American Express, Barclays, Boeing, EADS / Airbus, Emirates, Emaar, Etisalat, GE, GSK, IBM, Intel, Linklaters, McKinsey, Microsoft, Nokia, Novartis, Pfizer, PwC, Sara Lee, Siemens and Tata.

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