CSR: Merely Window Dressing?

Corporate Social Responsibility

John Connolly

Director of North America


Many companies today are being called on to improve their corporate citizenship and go above and beyond the requirements set forth by regulators and environmental groups to have a greater social impact across the world. This business practice is referred to as corporate social responsibility (CSR) and continues to grow in prominence and importance in the hearts of stakeholders.
But, is CSR merely window dressing for companies to increase profits through the guise of clever, disingenuous marketing? Or, does it provide a meaningful impact on and material value to the communities around us? That was the question at the heart of the Financial Services Forum’s event held on 13 December 2016. A panel of experts provided insights and examples of how CSR is changing and how companies benefit the greater good.
John Connolly, Director of North America at Copylab, shares his thoughts on the topic following the event. Please download the PDF to see the full blog.

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