Research: COVID-19 The Creative Fightback

Martin Grimwood

Martin Grimwood

Senior Client Officer, Financial Services

Ipsos MORI

The COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the most disruptive and challenging periods for humanity in a century.

Not since the outbreak of Spanish Flu in 1918 has a virus presented the potential to impact so many lives, in so many places. Though the context in which COVID-19 emerges is very different, with a globalised economy and interconnected travel system that is accelerating its spread with both severe economic and health effects for populations.

Unlike other economic crises in recent times, people are not only worried about their livelihoods, but also their lives. Rather than an economic slowdown, this has led to a life shutdown, with people in some countries not able to leave their homes, and those working in sectors such as the airline and hospitality industries not able to work and worrying how they will cover the next months’ rent.

And this is what COVID-19 represents, a war on the modern way of life we have.

In this paper we outline that brands do have a role to play in the fight, and people expect brands to step up and lead during this difficult time, both in helping them on a day-to-day basis by adapting their products and services, as well as communicating broadly about how they will work with them to set a path to a better future.
We demonstrate this using our polling data with specific measures about what people need and expect from brands and their campaigns during this time, measure the creative effects of campaigns that have already reacted to COVID-19, and share Ipsos’ perspective from more than four decades’ experience in branded communication research to outline the steps we think brands need to take to help win this war to protect our way of life, and their long-term survival once we overcome the crisis.

Download the full report here: IPSOS Mori Covid-19 The Creative Fightback

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