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Most Effective Integrated campaign – Fidelity International
Fidelity’s integrated ‘choose wisely’ campaign, launched in September 2005, wins trust in an uncertain consumer and competitor landscape by simulating the investment decision process. It identifies a critical investment or emotional choice and invites investors to test that choice in imagination, supporting their conclusions with appropriate investment solutions. With directly attributable enquires up by 213% against a budget increase of 35%, the campaign has reduced the YOY CPE by 232%. Directly attributable sales have risen by 133%. ‘Choose wisely’ has enhanced Fidelity’s brand leader status, and has yielded numerous additional benefits for the business as a whole.
What was the issue or challenge facing the business?
In spring 2005, Fidelity decided it could no longer rest on a series of rational leadership claims. It had to start behaving as a leader and setting itself apart in the minds of consumers by appealing to them through their own emotional needs. Fidelity’s imperative for a reinvigorated communications strategy was echoed by the changing consumer and competitive landscape:
• A more mature landscape with more competitors
• A realisation that state provision would be
insufficient for most peoples’ retirements
• Maturing investments
• Plenty of named players but very little actual trust
In-depth research concluded that we urgently needed to convert standout into trust, ensuring customers believed they were being informed by best thinking and expertise.
This effectively ruled out the brasher marketing possibilities – over-reliance on past performance, a swashbuckling product-led approach, or lionising the individual fund-managers. We needed a campaign that demonstrated Fidelity’s role in consumer’s lives. The traditional ISA sales season from January to April was the test bed for the new campaign. We wanted to show that we could persuade more consumers to enquire about – and invest in – Fidelity funds than previous years.
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