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We continue our coverage of the best of the case histories from the 2004 Financial Services Forum Awards for Marketing Effectiveness with the entries from Euronext.liffe and Virgin Money.
Euronext.liffe – Launch Campaign for the Eurodollar, Categories: Most Effective New Product, Service or Innovation
Euronext.liffe is a financial derivatives exchange market. Between December 2003 and March 2004, Whorrell Rogers created and implemented a marketing campaign for Euronext.liffe to promote a new product, a completely electronically-traded eurodollar futures and options contract suite.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) already listed a very successful eurodollar contract suite, but this was primarily floor-traded at the time of the Euronext.liffe launch. The key difference with the Euronext.liffe product is that it can be traded completely electronically from over two dozen countries worldwide, bringing the product to a much larger audience and reducing significantly the cost of trading for many market participants.
The campaign built upon the headline Coming to a screen near you!, to parallel the launch of a new product for on-screen trading with the release of a blockbuster for the cinema screen. We took the idea forward into a campaign of visual and verbal puns that built upon the language of film. We communicated this difference with an exciting campaign that ran through print, electronic media, events and exhibitions. This strategy encouraged potential customers to find out more about the product and to begin trading eurodollars with Euronext.liffe.
Project overview
Historically, the eurodollar has mainly been sold on the trading floor in America, which has 95% of the worldwide market. The biggest exchange is the CME, which has offered this product via the traditional trading floor for twenty years from what many people regarded as an unassailable monopoly position. Euronext.liffe wished to offer a better alternative to this system via its electronic trading platform, Liffe Connect®.
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