Anti-Viral Treatment

Felix Thomson

Content Executive

The Financial Services Forum

The body corporate is just as vulnerable to infection as staff or their computers. John Batten prescribes some effective medicine for a particularly-insidious bug.
Endless procrastination, needless prevarication and decision-making paralysis are modern-day management scourges, now reaching epidemic proportions. For far too many marketing departments, the journey is more important than the destination – travelling but never actually arriving.
Unreasonably provocative? I don’t think so. We have all been infected to an extent – not in our bodies or PCs, but in our minds – by a powerful virus which I’ll call NOMAD – not making a decision. If any of the following phrases are at all familiar, then NOMAD is probably alive and prospering in your body corporate:
• Let’s go back on that before we can go forward.
• We need another round of meetings to involve all the stakeholders.
• Let’s find out (again) what our competitors are doing.
• Let’s double-check that thought with some more research.
• There might be a third way.
• Or a fourth way.
• We can’t proceed until we all agree.
Now, I’m not advocating a slapdash approach in which decisions are taken on an intuitive gut feeling – of course, they must be carefully considered. But I do contend that all companies must seek an effective treatment for the NOMAD virus.
First, though, it’s important to recognize some of its symptoms. Here are just a few.
Back to that journey I spoke about, the one towards a decision. The closer to the final committed decision, the slower and more tortuous the process becomes. It’s like reverse-polarity gravitation. Understandable to an extent, but often the quest to cover all options and to procrastinate means the moment is lost – and that the marketing dynamics have changed.
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