"Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Think, Baby": How the C-Suite View and Use Thought Leadership

Andrew Rogerson

Managing Director


High-quality thought leadership can cement an organisation’s reputation as a trusted partner. It can underscore perceptions of expertise. It can even help to close the deal. However, in an increasingly crowded market, thought leadership must hit the mark or risk being overlooked completely.

The way the world consumes information has changed. This is the post-Brexit, Trumpian era; the time when ‘fake news’ and social media scandals have taken their toll. Surely this has had an impact on the way our senior audience views thought leadership?

Yes, but also no. This latest survey, which has been expanded to include senior executives at enterprise-level companies in the US, Europe and Asia finds a world much more comfortable with the idea of thought leadership – but much more demanding in what they want and need from it. Today the C-suite wants statistically robust, data-led thought leadership that they know is authentic– something they can genuinely trust.

In this report, Grist explore these trends and provide the latest figures in thought leadership consumption. Download the report here: The Value of B2B Thought Leadership Survey – Trends

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