A New Normal: Customer Experience in Financial Services

Chris O'Brien

Associate Director

IFF Research

A customer’s experience with a brand – in any sector – plays a vital role in overall perception and loyalty. This is true across both the day-to-day customer experience, as well as the experience at the extremes, namely how the brand reacts when things go wrong.
We conducted research with our Fintech Beacon community which explored experiences with both traditional and digital-only providers within the financial services sector, to understand how they compare and how customer needs are evolving.
A spectrum of issues
Within the sector, there is a spectrum of potential day-to-day and extreme experiences that will shape perceptions of the overall customer experience and, from this, customer perceptions of the brand and their loyalty towards it.
To read the full report from the research, conducted via IFF’s Research Fintech Beacon community between March 2018 and May 2018, please click the Download button to view the PDF.

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