4 takeaways from the FSF Martech conference

Alex Sword


The Financial Services Forum

The FSF ran its Martech conference this week, with four sessions from redk, Transperfect, Ceros and Hub, covering everything from content to automation. Here are some highlights from the sessions:


Focus on the “three Hs”
Hub’s session focused on developing a content strategy that can cut through in an over-saturated market, drawing on examples from the agency’s work with Janus Henderson.

The company advocates a triple ‘H’ strategy to content: ‘hero’, ‘help’ and ‘hub’.

Hero is designed to capture people who browse the internet looking for exciting stuff, help fills a gap in information, while hub targets existing subscribers. The mix should vary according to the specific target audience.


The importance of visual storytelling

Ceros’s session explained how marketers can make the best use of digital content to tell impactful and meaningful stories online.

Why is it so important to use rich content? Because while retention for what people read is only 20%, for what people see it rises to 80%.


All videos need subtitles

TransPerfect’s session covered how and why it is important to provide localised translations of content. While Mandarin is the most commonly spoken native language in the world, English is the most commonly spoken native language for internet users. This is changing as more people move online, and reaching people in their native languages is key.

A standout stat was that 92% of video is watched without audio. This means that subtitling all videos is crucial in whatever language is crucial.


Build an automation roadmap

redk’s session outlined the main challenges facing marketers: including technology, using automation to scale up team output and improving service.

The session noted that marketers needed to develop a roadmap to embrace automation, with the market for automating processes set to be worth over £13 billion worldwide next year.


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