What Role Should Social Media Play in your Strategy? Event Summary

Niels Footman

Managing Director - UK and Europe


In March 2015, the Financial Conduct Authority released its guidance on financial promotions in social media, symbolising the bold new age of financial marketers taking wing on LinkedIn, Twitter and all the rest. Fast forward two years, though, and how much of a boon has social media been?

The theme of The Financial Services Forum’s recent event – After The Hype, The Fight – acknowledged the changing attitudes in financial services towards social media, while also looking for answers on how it can best be used in marketing strategies today. In a session full of relevant and though-provoking messages, a few key ones emerged.  

Niels Footman, Senior Investment Writer at Copylab provided a summary blog covering the five key issues raised:

1) Content Is Still King

2) A Question of Trust

3) The Drive To Participate:

4) Keeping Your Focus:

5) Be Flexible With Your Content

Please download the PDF document to see Niels’ full event summary.

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