Retail Banking Coronavirus Weekly Insights – Week End 25 September 2020

Fiona Blades

President and Chief Experience Officer

MESH Experience

Despite the recent Government announcements, we have not seen a change in concern about the ongoing pandemic (yet). Nevertheless, consumer stability may be shaken with the new restrictions coming into play.

The revolving uncertainty allows banks to be a pillar of support. However, equally, they face more significant repercussions if that trust is broken – something demonstrated by HSBC dominating the news cycle this week with accusations of fraud and turbulent share prices.

The last month, we’ve seen smaller banks come back into play and regaining territory. Virgin Money stood out in positivity through a mix of products and services and First Direct created positive Owned Experiences.

Paid Experience Reach has gone up this week, which was mainly driven by Lloyds. Its new campaign, ‘Forever Forwards’, was picked up and well-received, alongside the Gyles and Maureen Ads.

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