Retail Banking Coronavirus Weekly Insights – Week End 24 July 2020


Fiona Blades

President and Chief Experience Officer

MESH Experience

This week, MESH’s weekly Coronavirus insight study found that whilst things may be getting back to ‘normal’, worries about the pandemic are still not over yet.

Increase in worry
The worry about the ongoing pandemic is not over yet and is at its highest level since last month. However, on a positive note, 74% of people feel that banks are doing enough to help.

Focus on services
Advertising that is focused on services and help is appreciated. NatWest’s “Financial Health Check” resonates well in the current climate and we see sponsorship for the English Cricket Team coming through.  Halifax’s service-oriented advertising creates positive experiences and the Lloyds black horse advertising is seen as iconic and caring.
Improve in-person customer services
The number of people visiting branches / ATMs is returning to pre-COVID levels. Poor experiences with these touchpoints create negativity throughout the category.

View the data dashboard here
Read the commentary on MESH’s blog here

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