Retail Banking Coronavirus Weekly Insights – Week End 2 October 2020

Fiona Blades

President and Chief Experience Officer

MESH Experience

This week, Halifax and Lloyds are dominating the advertising space

Despite a slight increase in COVID-19 concern, people still feel supported by banks.  However, negative news could start to undermine this.  Last week we saw HSBC spike in earned news with negativity relating to criminal transactions and fraud.  This week, that has gone away and TSB has taken over, with negativity surrounding job losses and branch closures.

From an advertising perspective, Halifax and Lloyds continue to dominate the market.  Barclays sees an increase this week but compared to its previous level, it is underachieving in terms of reach.  Nationwide also sees an increase in reach, with its mortgage campaign being picked up.

However, both Lloyds and Halifax still outperform Barclays and Nationwide for engagement over the past few weeks.

View the data dashboard here.
View MESH’s commentary here.

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