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Aberdeen Asset Management Report

Piers Currie


Warhorse Partners

This paper explores the investment trust investor, the upscale segment of the retail investment arena. Many reports foresee changes to other segments in the retail arena, such as the ‘emerging affluent’ and the adviser community, but we wished to explore the smaller, experienced and self-directed investment trust community.

To shed more light on these contemporary private investors’ journeys, we approached leading market research and survey organisations, financial media owners and platforms. Key areas of investigation included examining how media has changed in the last few years and changing use, readership and ownership profiles. We asked what are investors now doing offline and online and what share of direct platforms do investment trusts account.

Five national and consumer media owners and two platform providers responded to our questionnaire from February 2015 asking for their thoughts and insights relating to investment trust investors today.

Supplementing this was the upscale annual investor research from Telegraph Active Investor Survey, Premier TGI, Dianomi and broader demographic data from ONS and the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

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