May 2020: The future of the global investment industry after lock-down

Piers Currie

Piers Currie


Warhorse Partners

Professor Amin Rajan, CEO of UK think tank CREATE-Research, a guest blogger for Warhorse Partners, shares his startling to the future of the global investment industry now, in a 15-minute podcast interview (click above to listen).
To see into the future is to prepare for it backwards. We say too, stay safe, but stay informed too – and it is a privilege to hear such thoughtful and helpful views about the investment industry. One can prepare if we know, 18 months ago, Amin outlined the six “super-tanker” trends that would impact on the global asset management industry.
1. How satisfied are you with UK or other news reporting of corona as it affects the investment industry?
2. Are some active managers still able to add value in this changing world?
3. Why do some institutions find China and India difficult markets for investment despite growth?
4. How do you think investment brands will fare in future?
5. Will corporate authority reassert itself after lock down?
6. Is more tax a likely consequence for all? Will life be the same in the UK?
7. Are your six trends still intact?

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