Fintechs and Advice: Event Summary

Alex Reidegeld

Senior Events Executive

The Financial Services Forum

Now that the robots have arrived, what impact has Fintech had on financial planning, and what is the future for the advisory marketplace? Is the appetite for advice changing, and can technology really empower customers to under-take self-direction? Alex Reidegeld of The Financial Services Forum summarises some of the key points of the event.

As the adage goes – “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Today’s debate centred on the very notion that customers of all ages need to take their financial planning seriously, and financial advice is key, but how can the industry do more to make that accessible to all? Most agreed that engaging customers as early as possible is key, and that technology alone will not solve the problem, at least not for now.

Please download Alex’s full Event Summary via the download button (top right), including key learnings:

  • Government regulation is forcing people to DIY
  • Engage customers where and when they want
  • Make financial planning and advice a positive, aspirational experience
  • Don’t ignore younger people and be prepared for the Boomer-Millennial wealth transfer
  • Don’t rely on technology alone
  • Biggest developments in the next 5 years
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