Consumer Confidence Briefing February 2021

John Gilbert

Chief Executive


There’s reason to be cheerful this month, with the February Consumer Confidence Briefing showing a delayed New Year bounce as consumers, buoyed by the success of the vaccines anticipate better economic times ahead.

This is reflected in the headline Consumer Confidence Briefing measure and the Feel-Good Index. Of the findings, John Gilbert, Director, JGFR commented:
“The success of the vaccination programme giving hope to millions to escape the ongoing lockdown restrictions has boosted confidence to its highest level since last March and seems set to improve as vaccinations increase and the end of lockdown approaches.

The challenge for policy makers with a Budget coming up will be to help people who have had little or no benefit from any of the Covid19 support measures thereby widening and creating new divisions in society.”

You can read the full report here: Consumer Confidence Briefing Feb 2021

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