Consumer Confidence Briefing December 2020

John Gilbert

Chief Executive


The latest GfK Consumer Confidence Briefing that shows consumers in a more optimistic mood with confidence up 7 points to -26 boosted no doubt by the start of the mass Covid19 vaccination. Both forward measures of general economic and personal finance measures are sharply higher.
Whether such optimism can be maintained in the early part of 2021 seems unlikely given the surge in Covid infections in the past week and the announcement of tougher restrictions. At the same time the Brexit impasse on a deal continues with disruption to lives to a greater or lesser extent inevitable.
GfK have run a December exit poll on EU departure (and will do so again in January) alongside the CCB. Two questions were asked:

With hindsight do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the EU?
Right  39.54%
Wrong  43.98%
Don’t know 16.48%

If there was another referendum on Britain´s membership of the EU how would you vote? 
Remain 48.69%
Leave 38.65%
Don’t know 12.66%

Some end of an era food for thought? Download the full JGFR consumer confidence report for December 2020 here: December 2020 Consumer Confidence Briefing

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