The Economic & Digital Challenges of the Financial Services in association with Episerver (Optimizely)


John Field

Product Marketing Manager


With 2020 firmly in the rear-view mirror it is fair to say we have all changed and adapted at an accelerated rate. Technology is at the epicentre of this and will not just impact how we do things but will alter the very essence of what we do and why we exist. With last year’s pain points following us into 2021, we need to understand their impact and how we can solve them.

In this session John Field, Product Marketing Manager at Episerver (Optimizely), and David Smith, futurist and CEO of Global Futures and Foresight, will discuss the current and future state of Financial Services, technology, and ideas for pain relief in the year ahead.


John Field, Product Marketing Manager, Episerver (Optimizely)

David Smith, Futurist and CEO, Global Futures and Foresight

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