Customer of Tomorrow – Beyond The Pandemic


Toby Clark

Director of Research, EMEA

Mintel Group Ltd

The Coronavirus pandemic changed business and consumer behaviour almost overnight, causing recessions, widespread job losses, and a decimated investment market.

A big winner in this situation has been digital, with a stampede of consumers and businesses across every sector moving almost exclusively online. Brand positioning shifted radically from flogging products to offering a helping hand – or even a lifeline – to consumers. How will all this impact longer term customer behaviour and expectations?

Are the customers of tomorrow a new generation of pure digital nomads? Will face-to-face business ever be the same? And what of brand trust and perceptions? All this, and more, in this meaty session.


Ella Morrison, Senior Behavioural Designer, Cowry Consulting

Toby Clark, Director of Research, EMEA, Mintel

Chair: David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum

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