Closing the Pensions Gender Gap


Jasmine Butler Burnham

Marketing Manager

The Financial Services Forum

On average, UK men have two thirds more pension wealth than women at retirement age. That’s two thirds more security, independence and reward.

Taking time out to bring up families, salary disparities, divorce and historically lower workplace pensions than their male counterparts are all contributing factors to this critical later-life discrepancy.

Changing the status quo is a vital imperative for a fairer society. How can pension providers and the wider industry influence and improve outcomes for women across all sectors of society, especially those most vulnerable to poverty in later life?

Join our expert panel as we dig deep into this crucial topic, with exclusive data and insights from research gurus Ipsos MORI.


Flora Vieites, Director, Finance Research Survey, Ipsos MORI
Stephanie Mensah, Research Director, Ipsos MORI
Daniela Silcock, Head of Policy Research, Pensions Policy Institute

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