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Challenging the HIPPO: Using evidence to drive your Decision-Making in Fintech

Experimentation has become the basis for one of the most influential approaches to business decision-making. The basic premise is to turn business assumptions into hypotheses that can be tested throug...

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Asset Management, Fintech

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The Changing Advertising Landscape

How is advertising planned, bought, and distributed in 2021?

With the uncertainty and ever-changing regulations of the last 12 months, flexibility and adaptability have become increasingly importan...

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Digital & Direct Marketing,

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Investment Pathways: A Marketing Opportunity?

The introduction of Investment Pathways presents new marketing challenges for pension providers, but also the opportunity for consumers to better understand their retirement options. How will this cha...

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Life & Pensions

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Purpose in a year of ESG – Why organisations need to address what they stand for in 2021

Whatever area of business you’re in, it’s the “year of ESG”, where companies are increasingly judged by their Environmental, Social and Governance behaviour. To Governments and civil society, ...

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Brand Strategy, Corporate Communications, Employee Engagement & Communications,

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The Sponsorship Evolution

With traditional sponsorship models, including sporting events, either cancelled or unviable, many brands have had to adapt, shift and re-evaluate their approach. Whilst the pandemic has accelerated t...

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Understanding and responding to older customers who are vulnerable: insight gained through COVID-19

Whilst older age is not in and of itself an indicator of vulnerability, many older people can be classed as vulnerable in line with FCA guidelines. In this webinar Independent Age Chief Executive, Deb...

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