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Marketing Effectiveness Showcase – RBS Business Banking Switch

This webinar will look at one of the more unusual winning entries from our 2019 Marketing Effectiveness Awards: RBS’s campaign for Business Banking Switch encouraging customers to switch away from...

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Retail Banking

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CMO Surgery – Driving Digital Transformation

A rapid acceleration in digital transformation is one of the few positive effects of Covid-19; technology is expected to develop at a faster pace than ever forecast, bringing forward years’ worth of...

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Digital & Direct Marketing

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Empowering SME’s Through Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis has arguably proven how vital fintechs are to the economy and will be to its recovery.

From providing SME loan lifelines in 24 hours to providing wellbeing support, the fintech ...

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CMO Surgery – Covid-19 & Social Media, an Opportunity for FS Brands?

Amid the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers are seeking advice and information now more than ever to map a path to financial health.

With lockdowns and social-distancing the norm, new tranches of peop...

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Digital & Direct Marketing

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Transcending Borders: Marketing to the World with Multilingual Content

According to 2019 figures compiled by Internet World Stats, of more than 4 billion global daily internet users, just 25% are English speakers—and over half of all Google searches are in a language o...

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Brand Strategy, Corporate Communications, Digital & Direct Marketing

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CMO Surgery: The Changing Customer Journey

Covid-19 has radically changed how brands interact with customers. Lockdown has forced businesses to communicate and transact online. For many industries this is a real problem, but Financial Services...

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