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Presentation Slides: How Worried Should We Be?

Presentation slides from the "How worried should we be?" seminar on 15 November 2018 at Bloomberg

Simon Fitzpatrick, Account Director, Cicero Group
Rebecca Park, MD External Affairs, UK ...

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Presentation Slides: The Gender Pay Gap

How is the Financial Services Industry in the UK performing in terms of gender pay? What are the reasons behind discrepancies and what can organisations do to address any problems effectively?


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Presentation Slides: Measuring Brand Equity

Is it possible to proof the financial value of Brand?

Richard Haigh, Brand Finance
Jane Bloomfield, Kantar
Martin Bellingham, AXA UK...

Brand Strategy

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The Asset Management Digital Marketing Survey 2018

In this fifth annual survey conducted by Kurtosys, we have again asked our expansive audience to help us give some insights into digital marketing trends and perspectives in asset management marketing...

Asset Management, Digital & Direct Marketing

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Financially Challenged – Banking for the Next Generation

It’s not crazy to believe that the banking sector is about to witness a wave of disruptive innovation on an unprecedented scale: it feels like we’ve been promised ‘next generation banking fit fo...

Fintech, Retail Banking

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The Future of Asset Management: Presentation Slides

What should marketers prioritise to get their brand message across in a crowded market place? Advertising? Content? Or is Sponsorship the way to go?

Our speakers make the case for each of those and...

Asset Management

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